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What are the content guidelines?  

Kindli is a global community of like-minded people who thrive on positive energy. To stay that way, we employ stricter standards for content than other social platforms. Below are general guidelines that we employ to keep the community safe and fun:

1. No politics, no racism. We have zero tolerance for anything red, blue, black, white, or anything in between.

2. No haters. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it.

3. Keep it clean. PG-13 or better, for everyone's sake.

4. If you see it, report it! Keep the Kindli community positive, supportive, and safe by reporting all inappropriate content.  

Content Guidelines Detailed:

The goal of Kindli is to generate and track 1 Billion kind acts around the world while raising $1 Billion for charities. Our mission is to change the world and social media by focusing on positivity and kindness, and to create a space where all can feel welcome and safe. We respect our users’ identity and security and adhere to public legal regulations and standards. 

We reserve the right to moderate content shared on our platform in order to promote our mission and safeguard our participants. All users who notice or suspect violations of these content guidelines should tap the three dots appearing on the post at the top right corner, and report the content to our Kindli moderators.

This overview details forms of content which may be deemed inappropriate, and against which we may take prohibitive action. These standards apply to all users, and are subject to adaptation and adjustment, as the need arises. Typically, if we find that you have violated these guidelines, depending on the severity, you may receive a warning, suspension, or ban from the platform. If a warning is issued, subsequent violations will result in a minimum 30 day suspension whereby you may still access your account, however you will not be able to interact with the community.  A third violation will result in permanent suspension. 

Kindli bans numerous words and variations thereof from the platform.  These may also include names of people, groups, entities, ideas, and other words that we choose.  We do not publish this list.  If you attempt to post using a banned word, the network will inform you that the post violates these guidelines. You may then edit your post to comply.

These Guidelines can be summed up easily by the famous phrase:

 If you do not have something nice to say, don’t say it. 


1: Dangers to Health and Safety

Online content that has been shown to put public health and safety at risk is not permitted on our platform. In some cases, a danger to health or safety may not be readily apparent. However, our consultation with and research regarding important global trends in public health, human trafficking, illicit trade, mental health of minors, and online sexual exploitation causes us to be vigilant against content which could perpetuate, enable, or exacerbate these problems. As such, we have strict rules against content which could constitute a danger to the health and safety of individuals and the public. This form of content will either be removed or screened, and may include: 


  1. Bullying and harassment
  2. Harassment comes in many forms, many of which can be enabled and perpetrated online. We do now allow any behavior which prevents our users from feeling safe on our platform. We will restrict attacks and tagged attacks toward public or private figures. We remove any content designed to personally shame, bully, or degrade all individuals. Harassment may come in the form of threats; disparaging comments about appearance, habits, or sexual activity; publishing private images and information without the consent of the subject; and unsolicited contact with malicious intent. 
  3. We know that minors and younger users can be especially vulnerable to bullying and harassment online, so we take extra protection measures for younger audiences. 
  4. Since bullying and harassment has many elements which are not always objectively obvious, self-reporting and flagging may be necessary in order for us to intercede on a user’s behalf.  
  5. In short, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all.
  6. Depictions of suicidal behavior and self-harm
  7. Medical literature and social research has shown that this type of content can lead to mirroring behavior in viewers. As such, depictions of, rationalization of, real-time reports of, or even humor regarding self-harming behavior or suicide will be restricted. This includes self-mutilation, eating disorders, suicidal thinking and quotes, promotion of self-harm or instructions for self-harm, depictions of tools or accessories used for self-harm, and strong negative self-talk. 
  8. We strive to provide resources for individuals who express thoughts of self-harm, and encourage them find healthy and helpful support, including the National Suicide Prevention Hotline in the US and Canada, and related services worldwide. 
  9. In order to minimize damage to our users’ health and safety, we may include sensitivity screens and age restrictions with regards to news and awareness-related content which refers to suicide rates, self-harm, and eating disorders. 
  10. Sexual exploitation of children and minors
  11. We restrict content which constitutes any form of sexual exploitation. We are especially vigilant against sexual exploitation of children and minors. When exploitative content comes to our attention, we may enlist assistance from national or local authorities and report it to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), in order to be an instrument for the prevention of human trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors. 
  12. While we recognize that many parents post nude images of their own children with no intent to harm or exploit, we may remove these images, or cause them to be private, as we know that they can be shared with exploitative intent. 
  13. We are constantly updating our standards around sexual exploitation of children and minors. Although we value freedom of expression, we may lean toward conservatism in regards to these sensitive subjects, out of an abundance of caution for the safety of our users and their families. 
  14. Any content that encourages the exploitation, solicitation or sexualization of minors will be removed. This may include: 
  15. Sexualized or nude depictions of minors
  16. Any sexual solicitation, whether it is between minors and minors, or adults and minors
  17. Adult sexual content being shared with minors
  18. Depictions of minors in sexually fetishized contexts, or with sexually suggestive paraphernalia
  19. In addition to guarding against sexual abuse, we also remove any content that depicts, praises, or encourages other forms of child abuse. 
  20. Adult sexual exploitation and sexualized content
  21. Any depictions of non-consensual sexual acts, including uninvited touching, forced stripping, bestiality, necrophilia, sexualization or grooming of minors, etc. In addition, we prohibit statements depicting intent to commit or perpetuate such acts, as well as advocacy for, and admissions of participation in non-consensual sexual activities. 
  22. We prohibit solicitation of or depictions of sexual acts in exchange for money or goods. 
  23. Images of an individual taken without their knowledge and/or posted without their permission are against our policies. This may include up-skirt shots, sex tapes, revenge porn, etc. 
  24. We recognize that having a forum to discuss and bring awareness to sexual abuse as an issue can be important. We strive to discern intent behind any content related to sexual exploitation. However, even when the intent is clearly awareness and prevention, we may still restrict the content by adding a sensitivity filter, age limits, privacy settings, or restricting shareability, in order to prevent this content from perpetuating sexually exploitative and non-consensual activities. 
  25. Overtly sexual or excessively sexualized content, in written or visual form, may be subject to removal. 
  26. Human exploitation and human trafficking-enabling content
  27. Any activity which violates an individual’s personal liberties for profit constitutes human exploitation, or human trafficking. This may include forcing someone to participate in labor, sexual activities, or other actions against their will. There are numerous ways to enable this practice, including deception, coercion, force, and withholding basic human liberties and rights. Because of the manipulative nature of this practice, victims of human exploitation cannot consent to these activities. 
  28. Content which falls under this umbrella may include anything which pertains to the following: 
  29. Bonded labor and other forms of labor exploitation
  30. Orphanage trafficking and orphanage voluntourism
  31. Recruitment of underage militia members
  32. Sex trafficking of both children and adults
  33. Illegal adoption practices
  34. Forced criminal activity
  35. Organ trafficking
  36. Anything which aids in the process of smuggling humans
  37. Violation of privacy
  38. We protect the private information and private content of our users. Do not post confidential information about yourself, and do not share confidential information about others without their consent. 
  39. If private content becomes available through our platform, users can report it to our staff and we will remove the content and determine the appropriate restrictions for the individual posting the content. 
  40. Content that violates privacy and constitutes secure personal information includes: 
  41. National ID numbers and Social Security Numbers
  42. School IDs that include two of the three following components: (1) ID number; (2) photograph identification; (3) name
  43. Content containing medical, genetic, or biometric information about others
  44. Information about the financial history and practices of an individual or organization
  45. Bank account or bank card information
  46. Private contact information of others that can facilitate identity theft, including: 
  47. Phone number
  48. Address
  49. Private email address or chat handle
  50. Content obtained through hacked sources, unless it concerns a public institution and is deemed newsworthy.
  51. Government-issued documentation of living persons which can be used for identity theft, including birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, green cards, immigration papers, etc. 
  52. Imagery which gives private information about location of a residence. This constitutes images of the exterior of a home which include (either in the photo or caption) information about the street, unit number, resident’s name, city name, or community name. If the individual in question objects to this being shared, we will remove this content. 
  53. Content which compromises the security and confidential location of safe houses, including (either in the photo or caption) information about the street, unit number, resident’s name, city name, or community name, unless it is deliberately shared by the directors of the facility. 
  54. Any content which depicts an individual under 13 years old can be removed if it is reported by the subject of the photo, or by the parents or legal guardians of the minor. 


2. Politics and Social Issues


  1. Kindli does not allow political content of any kind.  We recognize that we live in a time where politics often dominates the national discourse.  There are many platforms supporting this discussion. Kindli does not allow references to:
  2.  political parties, 
  3. candidates, 
  4. representatives, 
  5. elected officials, 
  6. elections, 
  7. voting, 
  8. political dialogue, 
  9. debates, 
  10. or any other references to political issues, beliefs or agendas.  
  11. All such content will be banned and warnings or suspensions will issue to all violators.
  12. We also recognize that social issues are important to people.  In certain situations, these issues go beyond the underlying cause or concern, and extend to a political position. We monitor these posts and will remove posts that are inflammatory, or that connect the issue to a political agenda or position, or that in any way intertwine the issue into an argument, debate, or other hostile situation.


3. Criminal Activity, Violence, and Aggression


Content which constitutes criminal activity, which promotes criminal activity or violence against others, or enables the perpetration of criminal activity or violence is not welcome on our platform. We recognize that online activity can lead to offline harm. We take threats of violence seriously, and may remove content, disable accounts, and coordinate with law enforcement to prevent violation of this policy. All of the following are against Kindli’s community guidelines. 


  1. Incitement to violence, including: 
  2. Glorification of violence
  3. Threatened violence against an individual or protected group
  4. Coordinated hate or threats
  5. Violent and graphic content
  6. Content that shows the use of graphic violence does not belong on our platform. We understand that some portrayals of the results of violence or the aftermath of violence may be used to spread awareness for important topics. We may enact a sensitivity screen on such content, or prohibit it from being accessible by minors. Gratuitous violence and offensive content may be flagged, removed, or blocked from public access. 
  7. Hate speech
  8. Aggressive, targeted language which belittles, threatens, stereotypes, or disparages a protected group is against our guidelines. Slurs, caricatures, and mockery will be removed and investigated. Protected groups include groups sharing attributes of religion, sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, caste, country of origin, gender identity, or disability. 
  9. Glorification of crime
  10. We recognize that sometimes, the publicizing of crime can have the intent of raising awareness or reporting on newsworthy events. However, if it is shared or framed with the intent of glorifying or encouraging crime, we may take action to prevent its spread. 
  11. Illegal transfer of goods
  12. We restrict any accounts soliciting the purchase or sale of regulated goods which require special documentation to buy or sell, or which cannot legally be bought or sold. This may include tobacco, products that promote weight loss, firearms (or parts of firearms), alcohol, pharmaceuticals, non-medical drugs, or other regulated or illicit goods. 
  13. Exploitation 
  14. Non-consensual imagery, or any content that can constitute exploitation, is against our community guidelines. Images or videos of a confidential nature which are published without consent will be removed. This may include content that constitutes exploitation related to human trafficking, adult sexual services, sexualization of minors, fetish imagery, etc. 
  15. Misinformation, deception, and fraud
  16. Impersonation of others or false self-identification will not be permitted. We believe that authenticity online encourages accountability for our words and actions, promoting a safer space for all involved. 
  17. Anything that impedes an election’s legal integrity or impedes citizens’ legally-protected right to participate is against our community guidelines. 
  18. Deliberate misinformation campaigns or propaganda based on inaccurate information will be flagged and removed. 
  19. Any activities which enable identity theft, confidence schemes, SSN scams, faked reviews, charity scams, embezzlement, bribery, money laundering, and other related forms of fraud are forbidden. This includes recruitment of personnel or solicitation of information that can be used for the above purposes, or any other fraudulent activities. 


4: Misrepresentation and Fraudulent Behavior


We believe that authenticity creates an atmosphere of trust and personal responsibility. Misinformation designed to deceive is strictly prohibited, including altered or manipulated images and videos. Misrepresentation or impersonation also constitutes a violation of our policy. Any activity that enables acts of fraud will not be permitted. 


  1. Misinformation
  2. Deliberate misinformation campaigns, or propaganda based on inaccurate information will be flagged and removed. 
  3. Anything relating to politics, political candidates, elections, or other politically charged content, including content that impedes an election’s legal integrity or impedes citizens’ legally-protected right to participate is against our community guidelines. 
  4. Fraud
  5. Any activities which enable identity theft, confidence schemes, SSN scams, faked reviews, charity scams, embezzlement, bribery, money laundering, and other related forms of fraud are forbidden. This includes recruitment of personnel or solicitation of information that can be used for the above purposes, or other fraudulent activities. 
  6. Misrepresentation and inauthenticity
  7. Fraudulent identity claims and inauthenticity will be flagged, investigated, and incur consequences which may include account suspension if no law-breaking occurred, or our cooperation with legal authorities if there is evidence of law-breaking. Although we acknowledge the right of individuals to remain anonymous in many situations, impersonation of others will not be permitted. 
  8. Misleading or untrue claims about protected groups is prohibited. Protected groups include groups sharing attributes of religion, sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, caste, country of origin, gender identity, or disability. 
  9. Unsubstantiated health claims that can pose a risk to public health and safety will be removed. 
  10. False news published by unsubstantiated authorities and without grounding in corroborated factual evidence may be removed. While we want to protect our user’s rights to their personal opinions, anything that is touted as or claims to be news will be held to a high standard of fact-checking scrutiny. 
  11. Manipulated media can include any media which has a filter or has been edited to alter appearance. However, when that manipulated media constitutes disinformation, incorrect juxtaposition, deep fakes, or claims to be accurate when in fact it has been substantially manipulated, we may remove it from our platform. 
  12. Violations of IP rights
  13. We respect our users’ right to express themselves creatively, to share things they like, and to get credit for the work they do. We ask that all users ensure that they have permission to share media before posting it on our platform. Any attempts to pass creative work off as your own when in fact it is the protected intellectual property of another is prohibited. We respect trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property protections. 


5: Inappropriate and Objectionable Content


Content which contributes to an atmosphere of bullying, negativity, criticism, exploitation, aggression, harassment, or deception violates our community policies because it undermines our mission to share goodness and create a space where positivity and kindness resonate and all can be welcome. We also recognize that sharing and promoting this content can contribute to real-world violations of safety and personal rights. When inappropriate or objectionable content is found on our platform, we will remove the content, and may take punitive action against the individuals sharing or creating such content, depending on the situation. 


  1. Nudity and sexual content
  2. Content which is intended as pornography, or can be construed as such, is not welcome on our platform. We limit or restrict this style of content because we recognize that many in our community may be sensitive to it. Additionally, we recognize that it can often facilitate human exploitation, child sex trafficking, and non-consensual imagery and violations of personal privacy. As such, we remove content which contains fetish imagery, graphic sexual descriptions, and images of nudity when poses, props, and settings suggest pornographic intent. 
  3. We understand that there may be instances of nudity which should not be confused with pornography. This may include breastfeeding, depictions of art, post-mastectomy scarring, or medical information about personal health and well-being. We do our best to discern between content that can be problematic and content which serves a specific, non-sensationalized purpose. However, in order to keep our community safe, we may restrict the sharing potential of these images, create a sensitivity filter, or remove it out of an abundance of caution and awareness for ways in which it can be exploited or appropriated. 


  1. Graphic violence
  2. Any content which glorifies violence or may seem to encourage violence against others is strictly prohibited on our platform. Depictions of graphic violence will be removed, except in extremely limited situations. 
  3. We understand that images and depictions of human rights violations, newsworthy events, terrorist attacks, etc, have the primary purpose of raising awareness and enabling discussion of important issues. We carefully sort through this kind of content, and may put sensitivity screens, content warnings, or age restrictions on such content if it includes graphic language or imagery. 
  4. We restrict or prohibit content which includes the following violence against humans: 
  5. Visibility of internal organs or tissue, except in the case of medical illustrations or diagrams
  6. Dismemberment
  7. Cannibalism and victims of cannibalism
  8. Throat-slitting
  9. Images or live streams of capital punishment
  10. Charred or burning people
  11. Partial decomposition of a body
  12. Depictions of violent death, whether by accident or murder
  13. Depictions of torture
  14. We may also remove content which includes depictions of violence against animals, depending on the context. This may include: 
  15. Images of animals fighting each other where there are visible innards or dismemberment
  16. Humans committing acts of torture against animals
  17. Imagery of animals with cuts that enable visible innards or dismemberment, especially if the depiction does not indicate a medical, food-related, or educational purpose
  18. Videos or images of humans killing animals if the depiction does not indicate a medical, food-related, or educational purpose
  19. Hate speech
  20. Aggressive, targeted language which belittles, threatens, stereotypes, or disparages a protected group is against our guidelines. Slurs, caricatures, and mockery will be flagged. Protected groups include groups sharing attributes of religion, sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, caste, country of origin, gender identity, or disability. 
  21. Sexual solicitation
  22. Any content that facilitates or coordinates sexual encounters between adults is prohibited on our site. We also restrict sexually explicit language which members of our community may be sensitive to, or may create an uncomfortable or unsafe atmosphere. Any posting activity which may be connected to solicitation, or may lead to solicitation, is against our policies. 
  23. Cruel and insensitive content
  24. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe and secure sharing their views and insights. If content targets others for their vulnerabilities, it contributes to an atmosphere that does not support our goals. Cruel and insensitive content is content which mocks or devalues others and their experiences. We are especially vigilant against content which mocks victims of physical or emotional trauma and harm. This content may come in the form of imagery, words, gifs, or memes, and is forbidden on our platform. 

6: Threats to Online Security


In an effort to create a safe and trusting environment, we take any threats to our users’ online security seriously. We protect private information of our users and penalize exploitation of contact information, security access, and confidentiality. 


  1. Spam
  2. Spam undermines the authenticity that we wish to promote on our platform. We work hard to limit the spread of spam, and penalize any attempts of misrepresentation. 
  3. Accounts that aren’t tied to an actual identity, accounts created en masse, and accounts which are designed for financial gain or misinformation will be suspended. 
  4. Unsolicited messages which are either publicly or privately shared, especially when created in bulk and with notable repetition, may be limited or restricted. 
  5. Automated posting and messaging is not allowed. 
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Encouraging other users to download or subscribe to a program or service which compromises their online safety or extracts confidential personal information is prohibited. 
  8. Attempts to acquire account access and confidential information of another user is prohibited, as is any access of another user’s account without the express permission of the account owner. 
  9. Special safety protections for minors
  10. As mentioned in the other sections of our community policy, we take threats to the safety of minors seriously. Any information which may compromise the security or location of specific minors may be flagged and removed. Any unsolicited contact of minors on our platform will be blocked. 
  11. In an effort to prevent illegal activity and to prevent mental and emotional health dangers to children, we may provide screens which prevent children from viewing potentially disturbing content, including news with graphic images, or awareness campaigns with explicit content. 
  12. Confidentiality
  13. We respect our users’ right to confidentiality, and encourage all users to carefully determine which information to share publicly. It’s easy for content to spread beyond the scope that an original poster intended on any social platform. We respond quickly to reports of violation of confidentiality, and ask users to help us respect the confidentiality and privacy of others.